Helpful Yard Sale Tips

-Have plenty of change
-Many will have a $20 bill to purchase a $2 item
- Stock up on quarters, ones, and fives
-Mark all your items in advance, Post Its work well
-Use tables if possible, shoppers reluctant to bend over to look
-Place more expensive items near yourself
-Lower priced item closer to the street
-Have a selection of items prices to good to pass up



Your Treasures | Your Yard | Your Gain

We Do the Leg Work

Advertising - Signs - Shoppers - Neighborhood Map w/Participants

-Craigs List
-Garage Sale Websites
-KSBY-Trader Rick
-Paso Robles Daily News

You Have All The Fun

-Setup Your Own Items in Your Garage or Driveway
-Extra Cash
-Meet New People


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October 7, 2017
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