Important Facts for Buying Real Estate

This is the most important financial transaction that most people will ever experience in their lifetime. Below are the key aspects for buying Real Estate



What can you afford?

The first step of purchasing Real Estate of any type, Home, Vineyard, or Investment Property is Pre-Qualification. In most cases a Pre-Qualifications from a Mortgage Broker of Proof of Funds for the entire purchase prices is required before any offer would be considered. Nine of every 10 Real Estate transactions will be financed. It's important to know what you can afford, too often the ideal property may be lost because the Buyer failed to qualify. Mortgage Calculator


Real estate search

Property Search and E-mail Notification

Your search for a new home or property begins right here. It is easy to search all available properties for sale directly from this site, Property Search. An additional service, by submitting your search criteria you will be set up to automatically receive by email all new properties meeting your criteria, New Listing Alert.



Economic Outlook

The Central Coast Economic Forecast has issued the most recent forecast.  The year 2016 was a great year and the next event will be held in November 2017.



Land Usage and Zoning

The San Luis Obispo County is an area of ocean vistas, rolling ranch land, vineyards, orchards, small quaint towns and cities. Land Usage and Zoning are important to maintaining the character and lifestyle which we all love. Most of the area is zoned Agricultural and much is protected by the Williamson Act. Wineries and Tasting rooms are considered extensions of Agricultural usage, but require either a Minor Use Permit or Conditional Use Permit. (San Luis Obispo County Planning)


Buying real estate

Escrow and Title

If you are a first time buyer or not, Escrow and Title can be confusing and at lease leave us all wondering why and what am I paying for. Title Insurance | Escrow | Closing Cost


Real Estate Investment

Tax Defered Exchanges

As an investor, a 1031 Exchange is extremely important to your Real Estate investment strategy. You realize the importance and timeliness of finding replacement property. Most of all you need someone who knows how to manage the process.


Real Estate terms

Glossary of Real Estate Terms (California)

Everything you wanted to know about Real Estate in California. Glossary